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Olmecs of Mali

The Olmecs were indeed Malian Moors. The Mayans were descendants of the Malian Moors and were often referred to as “Black Mexicans” or Quetzacoatl. There are ancient Mexican wall paintings that depicts these “Negroid” kings and rulers as unmistakably African. These Moors were the people who built the great pyramids all over South America, Peru, Canada, Alaska, and Georgia that scattered all throughout North America along the Mississippi River and it’s tributaries are found mounds built out of tons and tons of earth. The people who built them were called the Mound Builders and they were the descendants of the Malian Moor Olmecs. These Moors eventually migrated to North America from Mexico and became known as Washitaw, Yamasee and the Ben-Isma-EL tribe. The Ben-Isma-EL tribe was a collection of what is now known as Lenape, Wapanoag and Nanticoke Indians who migrated to Indiana and Illinois and referred to themselves as “Moors” even though the United States Government continued to classify them as “Negroes” in order to strip them of their Indigenous rights.


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