The precious thoughts of superior minded men have guided me from the wilderness of ignorance and uncertainty to a state of clarity and personal evolution; developing a consciousness submerged in truth, wisdom, spiritual insight, and the reality of immortality. I think the most important thing I must remember is to stay close to the present moment. When I am anxious or afraid my mind drifts into past and future, and I might start to feel like I am floating away without any solid foundation or structural security. I’m listening to and trusting my intuition, here right now. It has never been natural to want to take things slow and careful but I’ve listened to that, embraced it, and I’m flowing with it. I’m being honest with my entire self… including the contradictions. I am human. We live in paradox, and there are many layers and dimensions to us that are difficult to reason with in terms of our linear thinking. Our spoken language is very linear, and riddled with polarities: you/me, us/them, here/there, up/down. Our intuition is non-linear, multi-layered, and multidimensional. So while it is most challenging for me to verbally communicate my intuition, I know that it is truly our higher wisdom, our deeper connection to the world, to those we love, and the interconnected consciousness. I’ve tried to embrace what I feel and be with it while trying to maintain the morals and values instilled in me. My fears, and even my frustrations are still derived by a deeper foundation of love and honesty and this is my center; my deepest truth. So I’m striving to embrace and flow and dance joyfully with these elements of challenge, as there is no use trying to push them away! Life has taught me that challenge is the catalyst of evolution, inspiration! The highest knowledge is unutterable, for it exists as an entity in lanes which transcend all material words or symbols. All symbols are but keys to doors leading to truths, and many times the door is not opened because the keys seem so great that the things which are beyond them are not visible. When I began to understand that all keys, all material symbols are manifestations; extensions of a great law and truth, I began to develop the vision which has enabled me to penetrate beyond the veil. All things in all universes move according to law, and the law which regulates the movement of the planets is no more immutable than the law which regulates the material expressions of the human being. We are all moving forward in this journey, together. I have known you and you have known me. Throughout all time and space.


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